Gingivitis is the early signs of gum disease that is caused by undisturbed plaque.

Gingivitis - Gum Disease due to plaque build up
By BruceBlaus (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Undisturbed plaque means that the bacteria has been allowed to sit and is not broken up by brushing/flossing etc.

The signs of gum disease are red, swollen and bleeding gums. Most people stop brushing when their gums bleed but this will only make the problem worse.

A good brushing technique that puts bristles into the gum edge will take off the plaque that is causing the bleeding.

So the good news is that gum disease at this stage can easily be reversed

– a good home care technique needs to be developed that includes brushing into the gums, flossing and the new little baby bottle brushes that fit in between teeth.

Gum disease can get more serious over time so it is best to get help early.