Ballarat Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentist Ballarat: accidents happen to everyone. A dental emergency can include trauma, pain and swelling or a broken or fractured tooth following an accident. In fact, anything which affects the mouth, drinking or chewing and causes worrying symptoms qualifies as a dental emergency.

How to Manage a Dental Emergency

When there is a dental emergency, contact Don Anderson, your Ballarat dentist who makes time each working day to handle patients who need emergency dental care. Prompt action can provide pain relief, treat symptoms before they become entrenched and mean the difference between keeping or losing the tooth or teeth.

Usually, the sooner you see a dentist, the better your recovery and treatment options.

Why Tooth Removal Isn’t Always the Best Course

Sometimes extraction, or taking a tooth out, cannot be avoided, or for whatever reason, the patient chooses to have the tooth removed. Your emergency dentist in Ballarat is available to work with you, not to second-guess you.

However, we do advise that when teeth are lost, there are always consequences. Even missing back teeth can eventually compromise front teeth and affect appearance, comfort and function as each tooth has a particular purpose. As other teeth not designed for that type of use take over, they in turn weaken and can need attention. It is a slow process but very sure.

Even if all teeth cannot be saved, retaining some teeth particularly in the lower jaw can make a big difference to how false teeth work and fit, making it easier to chew and talk comfortably. Retaining some teeth also prevent false teeth from moving, which can be unattractive and annoying.

In the end, the choice to keep a tooth is all about a good or better quality of life.

What to Do Immediately After a Tooth Is Knocked Out

Having a tooth knocked out is a frightening occurrence, but you can take steps to increase your chances of saving the tooth. Follow these steps:

  • Locate the tooth
  • Pick it up by the crown, NOT by the root
  • Rinse gently if the tooth is dirty, but DO NOT scrub or dry the tooth
  • Replace the tooth in the socket if possible, and hold it in place with your finger or by gently biting down on it
  • Place the tooth into some milk or in your mouth next to your cheek if it won’t go back into the socket
  • See an emergency dentist as soon as possible

The sooner a tooth is placed back in your mouth, the better the chance it has at surviving.

Contact Dr Anderson Today for Your Emergency Dental Treatment

We understand that sometimes immediate help is required. Contact us today so we can help you recover from your dental emergency and relieve the pain or discomfort that affects your daily life.

Call Dr Anderson’s dental practice on (03) 53316577 for your dental emergency if you live in Ballarat or the surrounding district or even if you are simply visiting our city. We are here to diagnose and ease dental pain or irritation.