a patient of children's dentistry in BallaratAll children’s dentistry we offer is in the chair, we do not believe in general anaesthetics for dentistry and the extra costs and risks associated with one. Most children can learn to cope in the chair with happy gas (nitrous oxide and oxygen mix) a safe option that has a relaxing effect but the child remains conscious.

Parents often think that children’s first teeth don’t need to be treated as they will eventually fall out and be replaced by adult teeth, but almost the opposite is true. ( Refer to Teething chart to see when to expect first teeth & longevity )
The deciduous teeth reserve places for the adult teeth. If they are lost early, the permanent teeth can grow into the wrong places and be crowded out. This increases the likelihood of future orthodontic treatment and its added costs.

The government funded scheme (CDBS) is available and we now bulk bill for exams and x rays.
Some treatments are not available under the scheme so our normal fees would apply in this situation.

Be wary of over treatment with these schemes … as it is sometimes tempting for a dentist to treat something that can be monitored instead, as the government is paying and not the patient.