Reasons You May Need to See an Emergency Dentist in Ballarat for Urgent Dental Treatment

Accidents are a part of life, and the same is true when it comes to your teeth. While you should seek treatment for most dental issues promptly, a true dental emergency requires more than a typical office visit (the most common symptoms being dental pain (toothache) or discomfort, gum of face swelling or a tongue irritation due to broken teeth) and usually occurs as the result of (tooth decay) of an injury or some other trauma to your teeth. read more

The Benefits of Seeing a Ballarat Family Dentist for Your Dental Care

There are many reason why you should consider visiting a family dentist especially when you have kids. It is convenient to be able to schedule the whole family’s dental appointments at the same time of on the same day. read more

How this Dentist Gently Addresses Kids’ Dental Needs in Ballarat

Just like adults, children require regular dental care and can have any number of dental problems,
including cavities or tooth decay of issues with their bite (occlusion) particularly if first teeth are lost too
early and the second permanent teeth are not guided into the correct position read more

Invest in Your Health with the Right Dentist: How Dentistry in Ballarat Saves You Money in the Long Run

There are many things to consider when it comes to your health. Including work and other obligations, it
may seem more natural to put off going to the dentist for another day, month, or even year. If you
dread the thought of going to the dentist, you might think if you brush and floss daily, read more

Oral Care for Life with Help from a Ballarat Dental Clinic

At our Ballarat dental clinic, we recognise oral care is not a one-off affair. Healthy teeth and gums are something you work on daily, starting at home but sometimes with the support of gentle, professional care from a trusted dentist. read more

How a Children’s Dentist in Ballarat Supports Kids’ Lifelong Oral Health Through Bulk Billing

Getting your kids to go to the doctor can be a chore. While you know the visit is essential, they stress about the time they’ll spend sitting on pins and needles—not to mention the threat of real needles. Visiting the dentist doesn’t sound much better to a child, but it’s in your family’s best interest to invest
in oral health. read more

Where to Find Dentures or Tooth Crown and Dental Bridge Services in Ballarat for Lifelong Dental Health

The right dental practice won’t just give you a tooth crown or dental bridge: Ballarat dentists should also teach you how to manage your dental health to prevent procedures that would otherwise be in your future. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a dentist. read more

What to Do When You Need Tooth Replacement, Root Canal Treatment, or Extractions in Ballarat

What happens when you ask your current dentist how to maintain healthy, white teeth? A standard dental practice horror story is the patient who asks this question and gets their mouth dyed white without any further elaboration on how to maintain healthy teeth. read more

Your Best Option for Fighting Periodontal Disease in Ballarat

If you live in Ballarat, periodontal disease may be one of the health concerns for which you seek professional support. Ballarat dentist Dr Don Anderson has years of practice in fighting dental health issues, including gum disease. read more