When the teeth come marching in

When will my baby’s teeth appear?

Baby TeethingWhen you have your first child it can be both an exciting and anxious time. It’s natural to worry about what is normal and be particularly concerned about your new addition to the family’s health, and teething is no exception.

As a guide, your baby is likely to sprout their first teeth around six months old.
Sometimes teeth can come through as early as four months and as late as ten, so there is no need for alarm if teething starts a little early or a little late.

If you’re worried, it is always a good idea to see a dentist to make sure everything as it should be.

By aged three all twenty baby teeth should have come through, and by around age six your child will likely start losing them to make way for their adult (secondary) teeth.

The chart below illustrates the names of each tooth, at what age it is likely to erupt, and at what age they are then likely to be lost.